A romantic comedy set on the biggest tragedy of Indian Politics.


Best fiction is born when truth is taken on the ride of “What if!”. When a fertile imagination asks the question, what if “this” was what happened instead of “that”? What if a certain person was wired differently? What if Gandhi could walk the streets of his country again – in 2020… would he be disappointed in the way we have abandoned his teachings? What if someone’s love and concern is not appreciated by those who matter? Will they matter too long? What if the goodwill earned by three generations is squandered by blind love and arrogance? These are a few questions come to mind, but they are not really the center of the story, just the backdrop.

This is a movie that talks about unrequited love, untamed arrogance, sweet innocence and  a man named Pappu. How a carefree, uncomplicated young man becomes the center of an unlikely love triangle just because of a simple co-incidence.

The movie has two layers. The first layer is a normal romantic comedy with elements of farce and exaggerations and the second layer is where each farce is a tragic and thought provoking retelling of something that impacts the country and its polity very negatively. The storytelling is full of metaphors and symbols.

This is a light hearted take on the going ons in the corridors of power and lives of people who should matter, but don’t.